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Arise multiversity foundation is a premium residential mind & mind body Centre in Mumbai. India committed to providing a professional environment for clients who seek confidentiality, comfort, care and concern.
rise multiversity foundation’s holistic approach aims at using individualized case management process for each client addressing the physical, physiological, emotional and spiritual aspects, achieved through group and individual sessions, therapy sessions, feelings management, behaviour management, yoga and meditation sessions.
Arise multiversity foundation staff includes credentials with social work, counselling, exercise nutrition, arts, crafts, dance, drama, writing and literature. Because of the strong learning orientations, residents are referred to as student rather than patients, which supports, guides and inspires them to make the right moves in life.


Our Activity

09-Month Inpatient Programs

Short-term programs have a high level of intensity, but may allow for incredible growth and healing. These programs are the most common length for those new to addiction treatment.

Treatment For Men

Men often face unique barriers to treatment, such as social stigma and shame. Men-only treatment programs allow men to be receptive to treatment and foster significant recovery results



  • Inhouse councillors.
  • Co-Occuring psychiatric treatment.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Modification.
  • Yoga meditation.
  • Gymnasium Facility.
  • Recreation Zone(tv and games).
  • Rooms and Dormitory.
  • Ambulance Service.
  • Well Maintained eco friendly hygienic living area.
  • Veg-non veg menu prescribed individually by dietician.
  • Active participation in 12 steps philosophy.
  • Art group.
  • Family Programmes.
  • Group and Individual sessions.
  • Spirituality.
  • Self Esteem work.
  • Inverter backup.
  • generator backup.
  • Projector movie screens.
  • Outdoor games.
  • Library.
  • Reknown Physicians, Psychiatrists and skin specialist on the doctor panel board.

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